The Federation of Naval Associations is an umbrella organisation consisting of Naval Associations of all descriptions and sizes.

The aim of the FNA is to maintain contact between past and present members of the Royal Navy, foster comradeship and mutual friendship, preserve the traditions of the Royal Navy, and provide social gatherings for its members.

If the membership of your Association is declining and no-one wishes to administer it, or organise social events, then join the FNA to meet up with like-minded people. Everyone is welcome. 


Reunion 2019

Booking forms available to download here for the next Reunion and AGM to be held at the Suncliff Hotel, Bournemouth.

If your Association is a member of the FNA you are welcome to join us at Reunion. If your Association no longer exists due to declining numbers, why not join the FNA as Ship's Company. Full details can be found here.

Reunion 2018

Members enjoyed a wonderful weekend, organized by IOW Tours, at the Hallmark Hotel Midland, Derby, including a visit to the National Memorial Arboretum. See some photos here.

FNA Members Out & About

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On Saturday 13 October 2018 members of HMS St Vincent Association 'March In' through the Main Gate, commemmorating 50 years since the final March Out when HMS St Vincent was closed. Watch video here.